Reiki with Krista
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One of my favorite ways to manage stress and regroup is to get a Reiki treatment from Krista. She sets up an atmosphere that is so easy to relax and feel comfortable in, and it's such a great way to feel supported on all levels. Whether you've had many Reiki treatments or are new to this type of work, I highly recommend using Krista's services. I always leave feeling calm, peaceful and rejuvenated.
-J.F., Goleta, CA

Having a Reiki session with Krista is like getting a massage for your soul!

-J.T., Santa Barbara, CA

I feel really good and refreshed today --- like all things are possible. I'm your biggest fan!
-S.R., Westlake, CA

Thank you for reminding me the importance of accepting your emotions, maintaining balance, and the strength of "TAKING BACK YOUR POWER."
-M.T., San Francisco, CA

Krista is an amazing Reiki master. She has a power that enables you to relax, release and put your life on pause, if only for an hour! She provides feedback after each session which is a great tool to reference between Reiki sessions.
-A.G., Los Angeles, CA

Krista is an amazing healer and a natural teacher. She holds an incredibly safe and sacred space for both clients and students. I highly recommend taking any opportunity to work with her!
-L.R., Bali, Indonesia

Reiki is a special form of healing that involves energies that have always been available. The Reiki Practitioner conducts the energies through her hands into your body, wherever they are needed. Krista's skill in conducting the powerful healing of Reiki is calming, nurturing and soothing, and results in a feeling of blanketed comfort. In this age of energetic healing, Krista is a skilled and valuable practitioner.
-S.M., Santa Barbara, CA

Reiki healing was a great surprise! After my first session with Krista my tension was gone, I had a ton of energy and I slept like a baby. Needless to say I am a regular.
-M.T., Santa Barbara, CA

I always relax and fall asleep when Krista gives me Reiki. Within minutes I roll over, let out a huge sigh and settle in for a long juicy nap.  
-JoJo the dog, Carpinteria, CA

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